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The market for Brand Protection and Product Security solutions is growing rapidly. Many suppliers of security devices are entering the market place, attracted by the promise of a new, developing and fast growing market sector.

Axess Technologies Ltd provides independent services to these technology suppliers to assist in the technical development and marketing of their technologies.

Axess Technologies Ltd will objectively assess a company�s existing technical and market capabilities, as well as their intellectual property portfolio and identify potential new markets, as well as development and application opportunities.

Axess Technologies Ltd has a very experienced team of consultants who can provide project management support for a wide range of security product and packaging development scenarios.

Axess Technologies Ltd can assist in sourcing appropriate technologies or facilitate partnership developments.

Axess Technologies Ltd provides a wide range of marketing services, including market entry strategic development and market research facilities. Our unique understanding of individual brand protection sector needs and requirements means that we can assist our clients in developing appropriate products.

Assist new companies in the identification of potential acquisition targets or buyers, as well as technical due diligence work.

Training of sales teams and other personnel is important and we therefore provide customised training: half-day, full-day or longer seminars, workshops and programmes on subjects such as markets and customer needs, authentication and tracking technologies and the development of comprehensive security solutions.

Axess Technologies Ltd works with a variety of technology suppliers - from large established blue-chip international organisations to start�up companies - across a wide range of technologies. Projects range from half-day technology reviews to technical development projects or strategic studies lasting many months. Here are just three examples:

Axess Technologies Ltd was asked to provide market information and analysis for a company that was changing its approach to the brand protection market.

The project, carried out over several months, included:

- A capability assessment of the company's technologies, products and customer base enabling identification of key target markets.
- An analysis of brand owner needs in key target markets.
- A report on the company's technology gaps in key target markets.
- A review of emerging technologies in brand protection.
- A review of the brand protection process and the identification of major stakeholders.

Axess Technologies Ltd works for a number of suppliers on a retainer basis, working an agreed number of days each month. One supplier of security products, asked Axess Technologies to manage a range of product development and technical support projects to supplement their in-house resource. The benefit of subcontracting for the client were threefold:

- Axess Technologies Ltd provided project management expertise whilst in-house staff carried out the bulk of the work. This approach proved to be very cost effective.
- Axess Technologies Ltd consultants were able to avoid any internal distractions or pressures experienced by the in-house team. This ensured a timely conclusion to urgent projects.
- The client was able to draw on the experience of a number of Axess Technologies consultants who have a variety of skills and expertise that were not available for the client internally.

Axess Technologies Ltd reviewed an emerging technology to determine its suitability as a brand protection solution on behalf of a Venture Capitalist considering investment. The project included feasibility studies, market suitability reviews and projected investment requirements.