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Axess Technologies Ltd is the leading independent consultancy in brand protection, supply chain protection and security documents. We provide strategic support, specialist technical services and marketing advice. Our clients are national and global organisations and include brand owners, governments, associations, security printers, packaging companies and technology suppliers.

Confidentiality is absolutely essential to our business and it is therefore not possible to reveal client names. However, the following is a list and general description of some of the projects we have managed:

- An SBRI project (both Phase 1 and Phase2) where we provide market analysis and commercialisation advice.

- The analysis of a security feature to determine its ease of use and compromise resistance.

- Assistance in the development of a new security technology capable of incorporating a smart phone.

- Commercialisation support and the identification of suitable partners to exploit some specific intellectual property.

- The sale of an intellectual property portfolio.

- Support and assistance with a research and development strategy and problem solving of technical challenges.

- Implementation of a total brand protection system for one of the largest luxury goods manufacturers in the world.

- Expert witness testimony in a patent dispute.

- ATL has advised major pharmaceutical, drinks and merchandising companies on how to develop a global brand protection programme.

- ATL developed a label with unique application properties for a personal identification application.

- A multi-national company looking to expand its product portfolio used ATL's specialist knowledge to identify and research potential acquisition targets.

- ATL provides due diligence and feasibility advice to a venture capitalist company wishing to invest in a new security concept.

- ATL has undertaken independent critical analysis for government sponsors to ensure project conformance and delivery of objectives.