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Axess Technologies Ltd assists governments, associations and issuing authorities in the development of technology programmes by providing training, advice on specifications, counterfeit resistance testing and project management services.

Axess Technologies Ltd carried out a number of technology seminars that enabled an industry association to gain a better understanding of the technologies available in the market. This in turn provided a starting point for further research and development. In addition, Axess Technologies was subsequently asked to attend supplier presentations to offer unbiased technical advice and support.

Axess Technologies Ltd was a sub-contractor to the Physical Science Laboratory for the FDA-sponsored Product Surety Initiative project for regulated food and drug companies. The one- year project involved two sets of workshops for industry managers, one for the food sector and the other for the drugs sector. Axess Technologies Ltd provided specially tailored technology training for each group. As part of the overall project deliverables Axess Technologies was also charged with the development of the contents for a security technologies database. The design of this evolved during the working group process with presentations and dialogue designed to shape the structure and operation of the web based database to the requirements of the users. Overall Axess Technologies' role within these working groups was threefold:

- To provide an impartial review of available security technologies relevant to the interests of the specific working groups.
- To facilitate discussions regarding supply chain issues, risks and criminal activities within each sector.
- To present the capabilities of a security technologies database and feed back comments and requirements to the software designers.

Axess Technologies Ltd has provided accredited monitors to assess and review projects. They involved

- Assessing project performance.
- Compliance against objectives.
- Guidelines to improve project management.
- Independent auditing.