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Counterfeiting and other related criminal activities such as diversion, theft and tampering are a growing problem in today's society where globalisation of trade and the nurturing of brand image are essential to business survival. 'Counterfeiting is a highly profitable tax-free cash business and it is lining the pockets of the same criminals involved in murder, drug trafficking, gun-running and extortion' (IACC).

Axess Technologies Ltd supports clients in building corporate brand protection strategies: from the initial data audit, intelligence gathering and analysis, through to the prioritisation of resource allocation and individual risk assessments, to the development of comprehensive strategies and detailed action plans. Axess Technologies Ltd provides project management and technical resources, as well as a range of specialist skills through partner organisations that enable clients to build comprehensive and effective programmes to combat the fraudsters.

Axess Technologies Ltd provides a range of strategic services to its clients:

- Brand Protection Strategy Development
- Data Collation and Research, Prioritisation, ROI and Measurement

There are a large number of companies globally offering a range of security technologies, from holograms and markers to inks and RFID. It is becoming more difficult for brand owners to differentiate between these technologies and choose the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for their particular problems.

Axess Technologies Ltd provides a range of technical services for brand owners.

- Product and Packaging Development: Provision of a skilled technical resource, supporting clients during the development and implementation of new security devices.
- Testing for Counterfeit Resistance: Assessment of counterfeit resistance of individual security devices before implementation.
- Confidential Sourcing: Whilst preserving the brand owner's anonymity, supporting the client in formulating specifications, identifying suppliers, requesting information and prices, as well as assistance in license and pricing negotiations and supplier vetting.
- Technology Training: Axess Technologies Ltd offers a wide range of technology training, enabling clients to gain a better understanding of the overall brand protection strategy development process and the use of security technologies and their potential applications.

A brand owner in the pharmaceutical industry commissioned Axess Technologies to assess a counterfeiting issue in a specific geographical area, where production costs were extremely low, the product packaging was minimal and the public was mostly illiterate. Axess Technologies Ltd developed a methodology that provided a useful structure to the discussions (see diagram below). Several technology options were presented and Axess Technologies Ltd subsequently supported the client in developing the new overt authentication solution.

A leading Luxury goods manufacturer employed Axess Technologies Ltd to undertake a needs analysis of the leather goods products. This information was used to determine appropriate security solutions in time for the launch of a new range of products. Axess Technologies Ltd supported the Brand Owner by identifying relevant security technology suppliers and co-ordinating their responses and assisted the Brand Owner in the product specification and negotiation with the technology provider.