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Title Security Paper Threads Type Report

Published January 2005

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1. Introduction
2. Security Threads in Paper
2.1 Security Thread History
2.1.1 Coloured and Magnetic Threads
2.1.2 Machine Readable Threads
2.1.3 Fluorescent Threads
2.1.4 Microprint Threads
2.1.5 Windowed Threads
2.1.6 Demetallised Threads
2.2 Recent Thread Developments
2.2.1 Two Colour Fluorescent Print
2.2.2 Magnetic Encoded Thread
2.2.3 Electrically Readable Threads
2.2.4 Wider Security Threads
2.2.5 Colour Change Threads
2.2.6 Holographic Security Threads
2.2.7 Thermochromic Security Threads
3. Manufacturing Processes
3.1 Materials Used
3.2 Holographic Threads
3.3 Printed Security Threads
3.4 Lamination Processes
3.5 Adhesive Formulations
3.6 Macro-slitting
3.7 Micro-slitting
4. Thread Structures
5. Strength, Durability and Lightfastness
6. Incorporation of Thread into Paper
6.1 Fully Embedded
6.2 Windowed
6.3 Spool Sizes
6.4 Thread Wander
6.5 Guillotining and Perforating Issues
7. Recycling and Broke Considerations
8. Future Developments

Published in January 2005: Our latest Technology Report describes security paper threads that have been used to protect documents for many years. These fundamental security applications have involved specialist technology that has been developed by the thread manufacturers.

This report provides an in depth review of the composition and manufacturing techniques associated with embedded security threads and describes the types of security features that can be accommodated. It also provides useful information about the implementation criteria and technical issues associated with the inclusion of these threads into security paper.